About Us

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One month after retiring from a 30-year career with the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Bob Pera, was diagnosed with job-related cancer. In hopes of helping his fellow brothers and sisters of the fire service, he courageously shared his diagnosis and journey towards healing, on Facebook.

"...To my brothers and sisters in the fire service, take care yourself.  Think of that smoke as poison. Hey, I wouldn't have traded my career with the fire service for anything. But maybe I would do things a little different if I had known the outcome..."

Extinguish Cancer™ was created to be an extension of Bob's reminder, to continue the conversation, and bring action and awareness to cancer in the fire service. Sadly, cancer is the most dangerous and unrecognized threat to the health and safety of our nation’s firefighters.

All t-shirt sales' proceeds will be donated to help firefighters battling cancer–organizations include the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, Firefighter Aid Cancer Awareness & Prevention Program, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, and Fire Velo.